Sinking, striving to reach the surface,
Waiting beneath for the waves to pass by…
All I’ve done ended in sheer loss,
I failed to understand that no one but me
Could have written down the lines.
All I’ve done ended in sheer loss, I failed to understand that no one but me
Could have made sense of it all.
Saving time’s absurd, you’ve got to consume it!
Till the very end, the wind will blow .
Feed the fire, make it grow higher and higher
It will die, but not for you to see.
Why being your own slave when
You can free yourself from the other
And live as you please?
Down in the pits you crawl, you fear and you hide
like a beast.
A labyrinth of thorns to needle your skin
Again and again.
A miasm of thoughts, you can’t see clear anymore
Cause you don’t know who you are!
Ariane’s string, your only exit…
Find the trap and save your life.
He’s raging, he waits for you,
The Minotaur’s looking for some soul.
Reflects cross, faces confound.
A doubt arise, where am I And when did it start?
Take the mirror and bash it against the rock,
Unwanted pieces of my soul faint dead on the ground…
If days could born anew, will I still be the same, Will I choose to do it all again?
If from the start I’ve been insane, Can I possibly become another man?


Metal, melting like gold in Satan’s mouth.
Metal, gliding straight from the roof.
Metal, you gotta love that shit!
Jesus, you gotta love that hit! Yeah!
Runnin’ wild, giving up your daily mess, Like Metal is your way.
You’re young, bright and fuckin’ strong, Like Metal thrashing mad.
You wanna take the whole world into a big black mass
And flush it down the johns.
You wanna hit the top and kick some asses!
Hell yeah, tonight this is for real folks!
You gotta leave all behind for a night And pick your best bandshirt.
You gotta tear the pit like you never did
And (head)bang till pain doesn’t hurt!
The cracking of bones, Blackness arises!
Something in the look of your neighbour Doesn’t seem clear,
and suddenly you wonder Why you’re here.
The smell gets horrible, your vision blurs.
Your ears are bleeding, strange things occur.
You look mischevious and pale, You’re getting stranger and inhale.
The smell of your fears, of your hate.
Man, that’s it, you’re in hell






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